Zamfara Graduate, Muhammad Usman To Address World Energy Forum In US

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A 24-year-old graduate from Zamfara State,
Muhammad Usman, would present a paper at the
2012 session of the World Renewable Energy Forum
(WREF) scheduled for May 13 -17, in Denver,
Colorado, United States. Usman’s paper is entiled “Rural Solar Electrification-Renewable Energy Potential and Distribution for Development in Nigeria.” He is a 2010 Economics graduate from Ahmadu Bello
University, Zaria and Programme Officer at the Gusau-based Centre for Energy and Environment in Zamfara State.
The objective of Usman’s presentation, according to a
statement posted at the WREF’s website, “will highlight the abundance of solar energy in Nigeria and its usage in local areas, especially remote corners of the country,” adding that “in Nigeria, solar energy is one of the most promising of the renewable energy sources, in view of its apparent limitless
potentialities.” The conference is presented by the American Solar Energy Society, World Renewable Energy Network, International Solar Energy Society, National Renewable Energy Laboratory and
sponsored by UNESCO and Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory. The statement explained that, “it has been confirmed that Nigeria receives 5.08 x 1012 kilowatt-hours of energy per day from the sun, and if solar energy appliances with just 5% efficiency are used to cover only 1% of the country’s surface area, then 2.54 x 106 megawatt-hours of energy can be obtained from solar energy . This amount of electrical energy is equivalent to 4.66 million barrels of oil per day.” Other speakers at the conference include Dan Arvizu, Director, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Cary Kennedy, Deputy Mayor, City and County of Denver; Edward Mazria, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Architecture 2030; Dennis Dimick, Executive, Environment Editor, National Geographic; among other energy and environment experts.


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