Hello friends,
It’s a privilege writing this to you; it’s another way of reaching out to you and touching your life positively. Having gone through this stage before some years ago, I feel glad for this opportunity to reach out to you because it is a stage in life that requires giving ones best to get the prize.
You may wonder what prize I am taking about. What prize requires your best for you to get it? It is academic excellence, the reward of putting your best to your academic is excellence and there is no other adjective that is above it in remarking success.
You don’t get this prize when you are lazy, distracted, you surely will not get it when you procrastinate, when you lack focus, you don’t have a goal and you will certainly not get the prize.
Excellence in you academic doesn’t come by chance or luck, you don’t get it by just desire. It comes by what you give and sacrifice for it and what you do on a daily basis (your daily routine)
As John C Maxwell says that your success in life is determined by your daily routine. What you do daily matters a lot. It reveals whether you are moving forward, backward or stagnant.
I believe we have both come to agreement that the prize (excellence) is meant for and only comes to those who have consistently work hard and have disciplined themselves enough to do the right thing at the right time. Let us now consider the important factors to note in order to achieve excellence in your school and be celebrated at the end of your stay.
1. Dream Big: If you must achieve success in your academics then you must dream, aim high, and see yourself as that excellent student that everyone wants to celebrate, see yourself as the overall best student. Imagine if you had A1 parallel in your WAEC result, imagine the number of people who will be proud of you, your parents, your teachers, your friends, and your family as a whole. Isn’t that great? I believe your answer is ‘yes’ then dream big.
2. Set a target: You can’t just dream big without setting a target, you must know what you want to achieve, how you want achieve it and why you want to achieve it. Don’t just answer those questions in your mind but write the answers down just like the Holy Bible in Habakkuk 2:2 says “then the Lord answered me and said write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it, so write the vision down as credit or distinction. The choice is yours
3. Be confident: After setting your target, you must be confident about achieving it, you must believe in yourself. Go with it, talk with it, think with it and that is “confidence”
4. Read and Study Consistently: Here comes a time to write timetable for your subjects, follow it with consistency and commitment, if you read and study your books daily, it will get to a time, reading becomes part of you and when you get to that point then your success in academic and in life generally will be great because readers are leaders. The body is generally lazy and that is where self discipline comes in. We all at some point in our lives have cause to battle with our body and discipline ourselves. So discipline yourself, follow your reading timetable then you will be happy with yourself each time you read and study.
5. Don’t Procrastinate: Due to laziness, many of us procrastinate, we fail to do the right thing at the right time, we postpone what needs to be done till it becomes emergency. Don’t procrastinate your study time, read when you are suppose to, don’t procrastinate in achieving that which you have target to achieve.
6. Choose good friends: You need to ask yourself, who are your friends? Brilliant or dull ones, wise or foolish ones, those who distract you or those who help you grow academically. The kinds of friends you associate with practically determine whether you will get the prize or not. So any friend that is not helping you grow, you should consider dropping them now if you are really serious about achieving academic excellence.
7. Stay Focus: This is very important. You cannot achieve what you don’t focus on. Focus your mind on success, be optimistic about it, and don’t settle for credits when you can have distinctions, don’t be a mediocre, keep your focus on your target (goal) and work hard with all your might to achieve it.
8. The G. Factor: In everything you do and in what you plan to achieve do not forget the G. factor and that is God. So when you dream big, set a target, read and study, you are confident and focussed, put God in it by praying.
In conclusion, what you will become in the future is determined by what you do now. What your grades will be in your WAEC is determined by what you’re doing with your academics now. So ask yourself “what am I doing now”? Can it get me the prize (academic excellence)? So I urge you to act and act fast and the prize will be yours. ACTREAL AND BE IDENTIFIED.

submitted to Activate Your Potential (ACTYPO) for Secondary School Project.


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