An open letter to Dean of Student’s Affairs (UNILAG) – ADEYEMI OLALEMI

Dated: 9th February, 2012
Student Affairs Division
University Of Lagos
Dear Sir,

I am a student of this school (University of Lagos) who resides in one of the halls of residence at new hall.
I humbly write to you on the grounds that I am sad with the deteriorated facilities and poor students’ welfare in the halls of residence.
It is worrisome to know that since September 2011 when we (students) began the race towards securing bed space, it was like going through hell, from final year, balloting to year one procedures as some of us queued several times in front of DSA’s office from dawn till evening.
It is pathetic and painful for us to realize that at this time of the semester, we still have about 350 bed spaces available when so many of us were made to think initially that bed spaces had finished, one wonders why the school authorities were hoarding bed spaces initially. Sampled opinion shows that each student of this school who stays outside campus spent averagely N25,000 on transporting his/herself to and fro for lectures per semester and the school authority still expect such a student to pay a session fee for hostel which amount to another N24,000.
Personally, after I secured a bed space through balloting and paid about N24,000 inclusive of other charges, it may interest you to know that after moving in, I found myself staying in a room without mattress, fan, bunk, without lamp holder nor bulb, no electric switch of any sort. When I asked the porter for mattress, in his words, he said “ehn we don’t have mattresses but we will try to recover some” asked where should I sleep that night, he said “I don’t know” the so called mattresses to be recovered have been in use several years back, they are spoilt and they are already in a state in which they should be trashed.
I bought a lamp holder, a bulb and paid the school electrician to install it for me. I wonder why bed spaces were allocated when there are neither beds nor bunks.
The University of First Choice and the nations pride at 50 still cannot take care of her students’ welfare properly, school authority resolved to an act that I called “mass exploitation of students”. It is sad and shameful when we all know what is obtainable even in universities in Ghana.
I personally and on behalf of my fellow Akokites hereby plead with the school authority to fix the deteriorated facilities and appliances in our hostels, supply new mattresses and bunks, reduce the hostel fee for those students who will get the remaining 350 allocations.
We are giving the school authority seven (7) days to fix the problems mentioned above and if nothing is done about it. We will take necessary action.
Please note that we live in the hostels and as students we have all the sophisticated gadgets to do the recordings and having links in so many media organization we will not hesitate to reveal the real University Of Lagos at 50.

By Adeyemi Olalemi Posted in Acada

8 comments on “An open letter to Dean of Student’s Affairs (UNILAG) – ADEYEMI OLALEMI

  1. Gudmori sir, pls I was seriously ill and its really affect my docket, I got to collect my docket yesterday by 11:30am from my course advicer which I detect that there is an error of mis-update of course which I personally edit BT now discover its doesn’t update… N also got to discover portal is close… So pls sir, is there any ways u can be of help to me? Cos I really need or help

  2. I am really mad at the situation of getting an hostel in this God forsaken school of first choice,i did balloting for hostel ,am in my 200lvl,i didnt even get hostel in my first yr in sch,nw it has happened again,we told d DSA abt dis,and he advised most of us to av started squatting at AMINA HOSTEL,only to discover dat most rooms in block c of d hall av not been allocated,4 christ sake y should dey hoard bedspaces,even if dey r to do it,dey shud beta make squatting Legal,cos am tired of being harrassed at d entrance of d hostel,can u imagine,i wasnt even allowed into d hostel since yestaday night i came to school,wat am i going to do?the Porters r nasty,the security ppl wicked and squatters r being harrased its not our fault dat we didnt get hostel,its just the university in efficiency to make available bedspace for their student.i just cant come from home which is Agbado in Ogun state,cos d stress wud be too much,am really sick and tired of dis

  3. Am also using this medium to inform the dean about the refund of convocation gown both to those that got the gown and those that don’t get.please sir kindly notify the school managment about this,it been happening for years now,we were told the school don’t usually pay the refund and I think it’s unfair because it does not lay a good record for the school.most parent don’t believe their ward when they tell them the money has not been refunded,please we want the money refunded as soon as possible 10thousnd for those that don’t get the gown and 5thound refund for those that got the gown.sir I humbely tell you that if the school does not pay it wit in now and a week,we the student would bring ourselves together and we would stop at any length to stop the act of cheat.

  4. It really is not fair at all.
    first balloting took place,i got no bed space.
    i wake up very early everyday to go to school.
    i still get to school late.
    Arepo,Ogun state to unilag isnt a small journey.
    it is beginning to affect me both mentally and healthwise.
    i get home very late, i have lot of assignment to do.
    then still read again !
    for crying out loud ; this is already getting of hands.
    i am in 100lvl.
    second balloting took place today
    i missed class so i could get bed space.
    got to the cafe before the so called 10 a.m that the balloting would take place.
    still saying NO BEDSPACE @ KOFO

  5. Good morning sir, I’m also a victim of the bed space allocation issue. I ballotted the first time but didn’t, and then for the second second ballot, I missed class so that I don’t get to ballot late but it gave me a “no floor available, space exhausted” result. Please sir I will like you to find solution to this problem as some bed spaces are being hoarded. Thanking you in advance sir and Sir I will want you to reply as soon as possible. 56177573CI, 150702009.

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