(This is my personal opinion, analysis of the implication and solutions to the incident: this was however submitted to The Press Club UNILAG on 17th April 2012 for editing and publishing)

The university of Lagos website with url was on Monday 16th April 2012 hacked the undergraduate login portal was linked to an indecent site with url

The incident which happened on a day when registration for second semester 2011/2012 began was noticed around 8am and the news spread for at least one hour before Centre for Information and Technology Systems (CITS) who are the website administrator reacted by removing the site from the internet at about 9am.

The unfortunate incident which expose the inefficiency of our administrators and also the engineers at the CITS.

A website which is known to showcase the image of the school is rather showing what is indecent and immoral.
This raise the question about the competency of CITS as to managing and projecting the image of the school through the website and whether our data and result, with these incident many student will be skeptical about the reliability of the website and the information on it.

To all those concerned, CITS, the engineer, school management should therefore show some level of responsibility by not allowing the image of the school be destroyed by incidents that are avoidable.

source: Olalemi’s Library

By Adeyemi Olalemi Posted in Acada

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