Facebook CEO buys N15.8million ring for wife

To many, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is getting a lot of flack for being cheap with his bride, Pricilla Chan, who he recently married in a surprise ceremony at their backyard.

There was no fancy designer gown or venue, although it has been reported that Zuckerberg got a very expensive ruby ring which he terms as “very simple” worth $100,000 which he designed himself.

Priscilla was spotted showing off her wedding ring at a function in California, although her husband is worth $2billiion.

According to the jewelry designer, the price of the ring could cost over $100,000, he estimated the size of Chan’s ruby to be 2.75 to 3 carats. Rubies of that size cost from $20,000 for a low quality stone, to up to $100,000 for a higher quality one.

Mark Zuckerberg is 28 years old while his wife Priscilla Chan is 27 years old.


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