10 reasons why you should support the quest to let UNILAG remain whether you a student, or not,

1. Unilag is a reputable name/school all over the world. It is the pride of every Nigerian, you can’t mention 10 good Govt institutions in this country without mentioning it.
2. Many students choose Unilag in post utme not because University of Lagos is the best school but because of the name.
3. Lagos is a global brand, University of Lagos is a Global brand, the best higher institutions of learning in the world today are schools that had maintained their names and by virtue of Location.
4. Jonathan is treating you and i like ball, he makes decisions contrary to the Law and the wish of the Nigerian people, who knows, tomorrow his selfish decision may affects your family and business negatively.
5. You or your child, family, brother or sister may have to go to MAULAG one day.
6. What has become of Ogun State Poly after a rename to Moshood Abiola poly. The school has been retrogressing ever since
7. Unilag students have been gentle and Peaceful students all ds while and we have also protested peacefully.
8. Alumni and companies that have been funding the school will back off because they are funding the school because they want to identify with a brand (UNILAG) that is well known.
9. ManY Graduates who may want to come and do their masters in UNILAG and foreign students in the school will have to look else where.

10. This is an alteration to the foundation of d school. When d foundation be destroyed, what shall d righteous do.
Join us as we rise to tell Jonathan that he cannot Lead 167million people and ignore their voice.

CC: Press club unilag


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