The golden jubilee of the University of Lagos may have come and gone but it still leaves us with memories of significant scenarios that occurred during the 3 day ceremony especially with regard to the proposed name change of the University by the Federal Government.
Seeking the consent of the Federal government on the convocation ceremony may have given the government an opportunity to insist on MAULAG, without due process and the rule of law. What is heartwarming is that the convocation did hold, and the University remained University of Lagos.
It is a fact that changing the name of the institution is still very much in the agenda of Mr. President and the Golden jubilee convocation gave the University stakeholders (staff and students) the opportunity to show their displeasure over the name change and they did so in style.
During the Convocation Day 2, 7th February, 2013 to be precise, Professor Abass, Chairman UNILAG Alumni Association, said that UNILAG had prepared a team of Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SANs) to be led by Chief Wole Olanipekun SAN to the National Assembly to defend the Name of the School.
The newly installed Vice Chancellor, Prof. Rahman A. Bello FaEng, said on three different occasions during the convocation ceremony that the President sent him a letter through the Minister of Education that the University remains University of Lagos until the law changes.
On Convocation Day 3, the University witnessed the visit of the President, ably represented by the Hon. Minister of Education, Professor Ruqayat Rufai and during the course of the Progamme at the Main Auditorium, It was glaring that all the University stakeholders present at the event did all that is needed to prove to the Minister that the desire of everyone is to see the school continue to remain University of Lagos.
From Body languages of the officials, to speeches and to the yelling of the audience who were majorly students, everyone was passing just one message to the Minister that “UNILAG must continue to remain UNILAG”.
A recipient of an honorary Doctorate Degree and former Pro Chancellor of the school, Chief Afe Babalola SAN stated clearly during his speech that the President was ill-advised on the decision and called on the Ministry of Education and everyone concerned to tell the President to Immortalized the late M.K.O Abiola in the proper way as suggested by the National Assembly.
After the closing ceremony on Friday as the Minister was about to board her vehicle, some students shouted “WE DON’T WANT MAULAG”.
The 50th Convocation ceremony of the Prestigious University of Lagos, was no doubt an avenue for all stakeholders to prove that UNILAG must continue and forever remain UNILAG.


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