There is no doubt that anyone who had spent a night on UNILAG campus (Akoka) will have had bitter experiences with the activities of mosquitoes on campus.
There are mosquitoes everywhere at the main campus, from Halls of residence to faculties and recreational centres.
However students are left to struggle with this and the sickness it causes while some students use a mosquitoes treated net, others use coil while some others never mind the mosquitoes and its consequences.
Elkanemi Hall, one of the oldest halls of residence in the school and New hall which house five (5) undergraduate hostels are referred to as the base of these mosquitoes by some of the residence, this is because of the large number of mosquitoes in those halls which can be attributed to the drainage channels and grasses behind the hostels respectively
If drastic measures are not taking to ensure a cleaner and mosquitoes-free campus, we will continue to see more students visit the medical centre than classes.
Research shows that malaria is a life threatening diseases and that 90% of all malaria deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa in which Nigeria in included.
The school management should fumigate the University campus before the beginning of every semester.
The management should also stage a prevention awareness campaign on malaria and everyone in the university community should be encouraged to make the campus cleaner.
“it will be a big shame to see a student die of malaria contacted from campus”
Let’s all take the battle against malaria seriously after all, there are states without mosquitoes.

By Adeyemi Olalemi Posted in Acada

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