In recent days, the University of Lagos, Akoka campus is faced with bad internet connectivity. A problem which can be traced to lapses in the operations of the CITS who controls and manage internet connections in the school.
This latest development affects both undergraduates and postgraduates students who reside on campus thus hindering student’s access to the internet for research works, project and assignments.
This is coming at a time when we will be relying on this internet connectivity for GST e-examination which starts on 4th – 8th March 2013.
A school aspiring to be the best in Africa must have internet access for all students and staffs- an internet connection that is fast and reliable.
Universities who are ranked among the top 10 in Africa surely have internet access for students on their campuses and this will also improve our webometric ranking of universities. We cannot afford to take a step forward and ten steps backward.
We are in a century where the world relies so much on information communication technology and the academic society needs it more than any other, so let our internet connection be restored.


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