While the celebration of the Golden jubilee Convocation was on, the University was hit by an unpleasant news of her demotion in the latest Webometric rankings.
The University of Lagos ranked Number one in Nigeria and 16th in Africa up until early February this year currently sits at number thirty eight (38th) in Africa and third (3rd) in Nigeria behind Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife- (OAU) and University of Agriculture, Abeokuta -(UNAAB) in 1st and 2nd positions respectively.
During the convocation ceremony, the Vice Chancellor Professor Abdul Rahaman Bello boasted about the school being the first in Nigeria and sixteenth in Africa promising to take the university to 1st position in Africa and the first two hundred (200) in the world in the spate of five years but while he was still saying this, the University had already dropped in the rankings.
The Webometric ranking is based on the activities of the school website http://www.unilag.edu.ng using the following criteria;
IMPACT: The quality of the contents is evaluated through a “Virtual Referendum”, taking into consideration, all the external links that the University Web domain receives from third parties. Those links are: Recognizing the Institutional prestige, the academic performance, the value of the information on the website and the usefulness of the services as introduced in the webpages according to the criteria of millions of Web editors around the world.
PRESENCE: The total number of webpages hosted in the main Web domain (including all the subdomains and directories) of the University as indexed by the largest commercial search engine (Google).
OPENNESS: The global effort to set up Institutional research repositories is explicitly recognized in this indicator that takes into account the number of rich files (PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPT) published in dedicated websites according to the academic search engine Google Scholar.
EXCELLENCE: The academic papers published in high impact international journals plays a very important role in the ranking of Universities.
You will recall that that shortly after the July 2012 ranking, the University website was modified to have the Golden jubilee pages thus, making the website difficult to access especially via mobile phones.
It was also discovered that though, the current University website looks good and catchy, it lacks one of the most important sections of a standard website which is the search bar
Could it be that our lecturers were too busy with Golden jubilee celebrations that they suspended the uploading and publication of their researches or has the CITS lost focus of what is needed to be done to ensure we at least maintain our position instead of slipping on the rank.


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