In recent time, University of Lagos main campus, Akoka has witnessed series of road accidents, severe and minor, which had left many of the victims with various degrees of injuries and many still in the medical centre receiving treatments.
On the 18th June, 2013, a power bike ridden by a student of the institution ran into a jeep owned by a lecturer in front of the School Pharmaceutical Shop, this left the power bike in a state of complete disrepair and the rider lying in his own pool of blood.
Early in July, yet another accident along Distance learning Institute (DLI) road towards the second gate where a car hit a streetlight pole, due to this, the front part of the car was in completely destroyed beyond repair to an extent where the vehicle’s airbag pulled out to ensure safety of the driver.
Another occurred mid-July about 5am, a car driven by an unidentified man hits another car owned by a female student in front of New Hall in the school premises. In an attempt to escape, the man injured the lady but was later arrested, thanks to the security operatives of the school who radioed their men at the gates leading out of the school and consequently shutting down every escape route.
The latest of these accidents, is the one that happened at the school gate in the afternoon of Friday, the 26th day of July, 2013, a car entering the campus ran off its lane hitting a signboard firmly rooted to the concrete demarcating the two-lane road of the University.
These raise a lot of questions as to the nuisance power bikes and it riders generally constitute to the campus with their over speeding and the disturbing noises caused by the power bikes, although commercial motorcycle is prohibited on campus but permitted for non commercial use.
Also, In Akoka, there is no speed limit caution anywhere order than the bump, the management installed on the road to curtail over speeding. There are little or no traffic signs on the roads except for the Zebra crossing which some motorists ignore.
In a two-lane road, not a highway, one wonders why we continue to have an average of one accident per week in an academic environment, an indication that work needs to be done in checking over speeding, drunk driving, security checking and ensuring compliance to traffic rules by the motorist plying the campus roads.


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