Press Club stopped from covering Press Conference in Unilag

Dear Akokites

It is imperative we let you know the situations surrounding the Press Conference by Council of Faculty Presidents, the Dean of Student Affairs, Prof. Amund and The Press Club, Unilag due to the fact that we will be unable to give you update from the Press conference where ASUU strike and SUG in the University of Lagos are among the issues to be discussed.

This morning, in our attempt to cover the proposed world press Conference by Council of faculty President which was scheduled to hold this morning, we were told from the Student Affairs Division office that Press Club, University of Lagos is not invited.

This perhaps is not the first time we’ll be barred from covering events organized by the students Affairs Division without genuine reason for such actions. Similar incident also occurred during the inauguration of the monitoring committee for the sale and prices of items on campus.

It becomes interesting and very critical that in a bid to cover an event organized by Council of Faculty President, it is the Student Affairs Division that is informing us that we are not invited, also, in the notice of the press Conference that we helped publicized, it was stated the Press Conference, will have both local and international media in attendance, how come the ‘home’ Press Club of the University of Lagos which pride itself as the Students’ voice and as the Publisher of the most widely read paper in all three campuses of the University is not invited either officially or unofficially.

Who ever is afraid of the press, surely lack transparency and mostly expected to have skeleton in his cupboard because there is no basis for secrecy.

What then becomes of thousands of Unilag students who look forward to getting first hand and authentic updates from the Press conference through the Press Club?


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