America strike against Syria necessary to prevent impunity

Many have cried out against US military strike against Syrian government for killing her own people with chemical weapon that has been banned for many years

I disagree totally, after I saw videos of how about 1400 people, which includes children and women, died gradually, after suffering from the effect of sarin gas.

The UN investigation team has now confirmed the use of Chemical weapon, which from all indication is used by the Al Assad regime due to so many facts and calculations from the casualty recorded which are mainly civilians and opposition.

It was also confirmed that Syrian Government bombed the site of the assault for 3 days just to ensure no trace of chemical weapon is left.

The UN secretary General, Ban ki Moon, confirmed the use of chemical weapon and said it is a war crime and those who used it must be punished.

Only Russia has vetoed UN security council resolution against US military strike in Syria. Why? it is obviously for selfish reasons because Russia is the main supplier of arms and ammunitions to Syria and Russia had signed an agreement with Syria to allow it increase and expand its Naval and Military base along the Mediterranean sea using Syrian border.

No doubt it is all about the world politics rather than love or sympathy for those whose who lost their lives in the Aug 21 assault. Imagine if Syria was attacked, Russia revenue from arms sales will dwindle and reduce her military prowess in the middle east, Russia has signalled in many diplomatic engagement that they are enemy of the west and will always be against its action whether for the benefit of all or not.

Russia has however asked Syria to surrender its chemical weapons to international control to avert the imminent US military strike. A condition, President Obama is considering carefully.

Some have called President Barrack Obama “a bully” and whose attack on syria will amount to aggression but in the history of America, Obama has withdrawn huge number of US soldiers from abroad- Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, an indication that he is not a man after war or military aggression rather, he is a man of peace.

Let’s call him a bully, bully for the benefit of America or the safety of the world in general, what does America stand to gain? Oil? Some may argued that if America strike, Israel who is America’s ‘best friend’ will benefit greatly from the destablization of Syria, but on the long run, Syria will become stable after a democratic set up.

On the believe that opposition are being sponsored by terrorist group like Al Qaeda, should the world (UN) who spent Billions of dollar in aids to cater for millions of Syrian refugees fold its hands and watch war crime against women and children? close her eyes on impunity of the highest order.

If President Al assad is not punished, how can those innocent civilians get justice and then the big question of “Can President Al assad continue to govern the people who don’t want him?


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