November 15, 2013

The teaching practice exercise which begun a couple of weeks ago is a compulsory six units course which every student of the Faculty of Education is to undergo as a requirement for graduation.

Synonymous to the industrial training for undergraduates in other faculties, the exercise affords the teacher-trainee the opportunity to experience a first-hand practical application of what has been passed across in the lecture rooms and the nitty-gritty of the teaching profession as he becomes a subject teacher in a primary or secondary school for a period of thirteen weeks.

The student teacher is expected to function as a full-fledged teacher carrying out his responsibilities such as writing of lesson plans, designing of teaching aids, teaching and marking of student notes, assignments and also to adhere to the ethics of the teaching profession.

As a course work, each school is assigned at least two supervisors whose assignment is to ensure that the aforementioned are judiciously carried out. The supervisors who are also lecturers from the education faculty visit schools to supervise and grade each student teacher both in the course of his/her teaching in the classroom and other yardsticks such as comportment and dress sense.

In an effort to impress supervisors, it had been uncovered that some student teachers in schools have been contributing monies to buy drinks, food, recharge cards and even take away packages to their potential supervisors.

As was gathered, some students revealed that each head paid between N500 to N2000 for this with the hope to get good marks. This is against the backdrop of the warning that the Dean of the faculty, Professor Omoegun gave during the Teaching Practice Orientation that “students should not buy even a drink for the supervisors”

Though there had not been any reported case of supervisors demanding or accepting any financial inducement, it was said that some accepted gifts. As a source noted that, two lecturers- one in Educational Administration and the other in Adult Education Departments, rejected the tip offered to them by the students.

Also of note is the fact that supervisors had not shown up in several schools even as the exercise is only a few weeks to completion.

We urge the Dean, the leadership of the Teaching Practice Committee and the Principal Student Teachers to address this issue so as not to allow the selfish and ulterior motives of a few to mar this beautiful exercise.

…..UNILAG GONG- A publication of The Press Club, University of Lagos.

Twitter: @unilagpressclub

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