My experience at Campus Life correspondence workshop by The Nation newspaper

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Dinner @ Citilodge Hotel fellow Campus Journalist with Tolu Ogunlesi Dinner @ Lamboghini Event Centre The weekend of 13th – 15th Dec. 2013 is probably my best weekend ever, I have not receive such a five star treatment for consecutive … Continue reading

My Opinion on the Present Nigeria.

Just in; National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said that 54 per cent of Nigerian youths were unemployed in 2012.

Yesterday. EFCC said it does not have money to prosecute any corruption case against corrupt people, that it can only manage to pay salary for next month with the N2M in its acct.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has accused President Goodluck Jonathan of clandestinely training militias ahead of 2015 election. If someone who has been in power both as Head of State and President could say such, you can be sure there is no smoke without fire.

And if you say anything now Ijaw Youth whatever & Niger Delta Militant who should have cease to exist by now due to the amnesty offered to them by late Pres. Musa Ya’radua will hit the media to bully the entire nation.

This our President, whom we voted for is a joke, it is one of the biggest mistake we made as a people.
As an undergraduate I’m not sure of getting a job after graduation if the statistic above is anything to go by, it just bad the we the citizens do not feel that government is interested in our standard of living.
I’m sorry, it’s not that time to feel proud as a Nigerian.

– Adeyemi Olalemi

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