Published by Ketu Breeze Newspaper

Members of two rival cult groups, “Aiye” and “Buccaneers” were involved in a fierce clash from the middle of last week through the weekend on Owodunni Street in Ikosi.

The crisis reportedly began on Wednesday 5th of February. Following the aggressive brawl that lasted for at least five days, a pervading sense of insecurity has enveloped the area. Residents literally have their hearts in their mouths as they believe the clash poses a great threat to their peace and safety.

Fresh reports reaching Ketu Breeze as at press time had it that the crisis became magnified on Saturday night, as the fracas extended to Cele Bus Stop in Ikosi.

Reports have it that the crisis began because a member of one of the cult groups was harassed by the rival cult. This led to retaliation from the group whose member was harassed.

The crisis forced many residents of the area to remain indoors, even as many others ran helter-skelter, scrambling for their safety.

According to eyewitness’ reports, the crisis degenerated to the extent that dangerous weapons such as guns and machetes were used by both cult groups.

Ketu Breeze confirmed that one of the cultists was shot. However, it could not be confirmed as at press time whether the shot cult member survived or not.

A resident who craved anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter said people in the area had to lock up their homes and businesses because the cultists were fighting both day and night for about five days.

“There were sporadic gunshots on Thursday, February 7,” said a teacher in a school in the area who pleaded anonymity.

The police came to arrest the situation on Thursday, February 6th. However, it could not be ascertained if the police made any arrests.

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