Mile 12 pedestrian bridge turns home for traders and tramps

By Adeyemi Olalemi and Onah Jeffery
For Ketu Breeze

The popular mile 12 pedestrian, lately, bridge has become a home for traders and tramps. The bridge, situated along Ikordu road, has been abandoned by pedestrians due to its poor condition.

In place of being used for the purpose of commuting, the bridge has now become a home for tramps, vagrants, gangsters and marijuana smokers. Consequently, pedestrians are further discouraged from making use of the bridge because of their safety.

Commuters now prefer to cross the ever busy Ikorodu road instead of using the bridge.

When our correspondent visited the bridge, it appeared strange to the occupants as it was obvious they didn’t expect anyone to use the bridge other than their own familiar people.

The bridge has been converted to a sort of mini-market. The sale of cow meat, cigarettes, alcoholic drinks and other harmful substances has been established on the bride. Some sleeping mats were noticed on the bridge while garbage was also seen around the stairs.

“They do not have work, they just stand there from morning till night,” confirmed one of the traders who does not want her name in print.

Our correspondent’s attempts to interview some of the occupants of the bridge proved abortive as he was nearly attacked.

Ketu Breeze gathered that most of the people who visit the market to shop do not use the bridge but prefer to cross the 8-lane Ikorodu road, not minding the hazard it poses with speeding vehicles on the highway.

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