Managing Academic with Entrepreneurship by Adeyemi Olalemi

Entrepreneur: an entrepreneur is someone who initiates an idea and finances such idea to create a solution to problems and makes profit.

Studentprenuer: is someone who multitasks by combining studentship and entrepreneurship.


Today, the world is better than what it used to be during the ancient times, human finds comfort in many things today because some people have sat down to think, create and connect. These people are entrepreneurs, they had passion and a cause to…  solve problems facing the human race and have effectively harness scarce resources at their disposal, they have taken the huge risk to dare what many wouldn’t dare. Today, they are celebrated because of their remarkable feat in making the world a better place. THEY ARE ENTREPRENEURS.


I summarize that there are 3 phases every student must pass through in the University, they are:

  1. The foundation Phase
  2. The schooling Phase
  3. The exit phase

Foundation Phase:

  • Duration between your entry to getting your first GP
  • The time you acquaint
  • The time you know who is who
  • The time you begin to make Key decision about your life without calling home

The Schooling phase:

  • This is the most important stage
  • This is the time you either rise or fall, academically, intellectually, spiritually and entrepreneurially.
  • The time to discover yourself
  • The time to organize your life
  • The time you make or mar your stay on campus
  • The time you network, build relationship, become independent, make money or continue calling home for money.
  • It is that time to leverage on the Unilag Brand to eat out of the good of the land.



  • The time you look beyond University and you are either happy or afraid.
  • The time you look back and you realize either your stay in school is worthwhile of otherwise.
  • The time you judge whether you are mono-skilled students or a versatile student.
  • The time you judge whether after 4years, you have succeed in making yourself employable or otherwise,

Becoming an Entrepreneur and balancing academics

To effectively balance these two statuses of yours; Studentship (Good Academic Standing) and a successful entrepreneur, the following must be addressed:

Knowledge: Endeavour to devote yourself to gaining knowledge about your chosen field.  Today, we all are not equal because knowledge classifies us. teacher vs. student, rich vs. poor, elder vs. children first class vs. third class. Learn to know something about everything and everything about something.

Passion: Develop passion for what you do. You must enjoy it, if you don’t then you can’t be successful at it.

Cause: Whatever you do tie it to a cause, you must ask yourself, why am I doing this or that? a cogent reason must be provided, you must know why you are studying that course. You must know why you are financing an idea.

Learn to synergize: You can’t succeed without people, tower of babel is an example, you need your classmate, you need like minds that are passionate about your cause.

Connect/Impact: Your idea must impact other positively, it must be about people, else, it won’t last. The people are your market, they are the one to pay you, hence your idea must meet their needs. It must be a solution. This is how you connect and make significant impact on society.

Maximize the Time: if you fail at managing time, you will fizzle out soon, to be a student who balances both status successfully, you must manage the 24hrs, every second, minute, hour counts, you shouldn’t have the time to argue with roommates. Sincerely every time has to be strictly business and must be beneficial to you achieving your goal.

Evaluate Success: you can’t climb a tree beyond its branches, you will fall, you must evaluate success and take time to celebrate the success, you must know discover when you have fully achieved you.

Above all, Let’s God endorses what you do and realize that the world awaits you to shine.

Delivered by Adeyemi Olalemi at the University of Lagos, during Christ Apostolic Church Youth Fellowship freshers’ orientation.


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