Constitutional Crisis May Plunder ULSU Into Oblivion Again

Unilag Student Union

During the adoption of the ULSU Constitution at Afe Babalola Hall, Unilag

I read from University of Lagos Student Union -ULSU (updates) that there was a suspension of Financial Secretary and Treasurer of the Union by the SLC, and subsequently the ULSU executives rejected the suspension on grounds that the SLC cannot suspend except subject to the two third of the Congress, and what is Congress? over 44,000 students of the University, then you can do calculation for two third of that figure, when and where will two-third converge? A million dollar question.

My satirical friend Modiu Olaguro and i had pointed out some of the major flaws of the ULSU constitution before it was enacted.

Infact Modiu in his latest post on facbook recalled how we came up with perhaps the most controversial press release in Unilag, calling for the resignation of the VC, DSA and criticizing some lecturers on the compulsory sale of textbooks.

Modiu even offered to share once again the grave errors of the ULSU which we identified in another press release.

Instead of correcting this errors, a good constitution was sacrificed on the alter of ‘no perfect constitution’. We moved on and ratified it.

With less than a year that SUG returned with great promises of better student welfare, the Constitutional crisis has began.

Without selfess leaders, the errors of the ULSU constitution will continue to hunt the student body and may eventual plunder it into oblivion again.

Adeyemi Olalemi is an alumnus of the University Of Lagos, he was a member of the Unilag Press Club, he is a publisher, and a writer.


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